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- HITS will be available to all Letv subscribers in Hong Kong and Macau

- HITS celebrates it’s two year anniversary by launching its 10th platform in the region

Hong Kong/Singapore, 1 December 2015 – Letv and Rewind Networks announced the addition of HITS (Letv Channel 21) to Letv’s channel line-up starting 1 December, 2015. HITS will be available to all Letv subscribers in HD and subtitled in Traditional Chinese.

“We loved the HITS proposition as soon as we heard about it! We’re proud to provide a home for the best HITS on TV to Hong Kong viewers. Letv goal is to be the largest and most influential entertainment platform in Asia. HITS’ programming is a natural fit in our growing stable of channels,” says Mr. Tin Mok, CEO for APAC at Letv, “Fans of series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Seinfeld, The X-Files, Three’s Company and Diff’rent Strokes are sure to rejoice!”

Mr. Avi Himatsinghani, CEO of Rewind Networks, said, “It’s been such a privilege to be on 10 major platforms just in time for HITS’ second anniversary! Even though our name is Rewind, we like to be forward in our practice and embracing new innovative platforms and consumer experiences such as Letv. We are pleased to be among the first general entertainment channels on Letv. We’ve been blown away by the love that we’ve received from all our affiliate partners and look forward to launching on more platforms in 2016!”

HITS’ selection of multi-award winning series brings the greatest stories and famous characters to a new generation of TV viewers whilst breathing new life into iconic shows. Ratings successes in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other markets have proven that HITS’ curation of these awesome shows resonate with viewers in the region. The portfolio of HITS’ shows launched the careers of A-list stars including Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy and Jerry Seinfeld from Seinfeld. Other shows such as MacGyver, M*A*S*H and The X-Files reinvented their genres.

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